Scale: 1/200    

Set includes 30 lockers.

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This set of highly detailed, 3D-printed models represents ready service ammunition lockers for 20mm Oerlikon cannons fit to World War Two-era US Navy warships.  USS Missouri BB-63, for example, carried as many as 50 of these lockers in 1945.

Although there were many variations, this model is one of the most common of the larger types: 62" long x 24" wide x 26.5" high (not including stand).  Scaled dimensions match drawings found in The Floating Drydock's highly recommended "Fletcher Class Destroyer Plan eBook".


  • each locker measures 7.87 mm long x 3.05 mm wide x 3.37 mm tall 
  • 10 clamps "dogs", all in the released (lowered) position
  • 4 exterior, bolt-on heat radiators
  • accurately sized and positioned radiator bolt-head detail, bolt-heads randomly turned for added realism  

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1/200 20mm Ready Service Ammunition Lockers

SKU: 200-20mm-ReadyServiceLockers-30

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