Scale: 1/200

Recommended to help build USS Pennsylvania BB-38, as she appeared from 1943-1945, from:

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This model represents the funnel of USS Pennsylvania BB-38, sistership of USS Arizona BB-39, as the ship appeared from 1943 to about June, 1945, after her post-Pearl Harbor attack superstructure reconstruction.

Instructions describing how to convert your USS Arizona kit to USS Pennsylvania are not provided with this product when shipped to you. Please study the images shown in the carousel on this webpage to learn where each part goes, as well as online references such as photographs of USS Pennsylvania BB-38 found on NavSource (click here).


A set of detailed, scale plans of USS Pennsylvania as she appeared in 1945 are available from The Floating Drydock (click here).


  • fully assembled
  • overall dimensions and features scaled from official US Navy plans.  Overall dimensions match scaled drawings by Thomas Walkowiak with details adjusted to match hi-resolution photographs of the actual ship
  • accurate elliptical shape, not an oval shape with slab sides as many kits and plans erroneously depict
  • accurately shaped steam pipes and incinerator exhaust for 1943-1945, correctly located for USS Pennsylvania  (incinerator and steam pipe locations not the same as Arizona's)
  • open smoke pipe with correct interior "bend", hollow all the way through 

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1/200 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 Funnel, 1943-1945

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