Scale: 1/24

Includes parts to build 2 bombs.


These are scale models, not real weapons. 

These accurately scaled and detailed models represent the 500 pound AN-M64 aerial bomb carried by US Army Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corps aircraft during World War Two and the Korean War. 


Two bombs were typically fit to many World War-Two-era, USAAF, USN and USMC single-engine fighter aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, F6F Hellcat and F4U Corsair.


The overall length of the real M64 bomb including fuse and tail was 59.16 inches with a diameter of 14.67 inches.  There were two suspension lugs on one side of the body with one lug on the opposite side.

This is an original design scaled from US Army Air Corps drawing 82-0-74 dated August, 1942.  It is not a 3D-printed copy of any plastic kit's parts or resin parts.


Tail fins are thin and fragile.  Caution is recommended when removing supporting sprues and during handling.

These parts are made of acrylic plastic.  Acrylic plastic does not behave like injection-molded polystyrene plastic or other resins.  Glues for polystyrene plastic, like "Testors Liquid Cement" or tube cement, will not work with acrylic plastic.  Cyanoacrylate (CA) "super glue" is recommended.


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1/24 Bombs, US 500 lb General Purpose, World War Two and Korean War

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