Scale: 1/301

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The 2,050-ton Fletcher class was one of the most successful wartime and post-war destroyer classes of the US Navy and arguably the most significant class in the Pacific war.  175 ships of the class were produced over a 32-month period during World War II.  They were produced in two groups:  58 were built with a high, "Round Bridge" and 117 (two-thirds of the class) were completed with a low, "Square Bridge" which afforded better visibility for anti-aircraft defense.  Several Fletchers served in foreign navies, the last, Mexico's Cuitláhuac, the former USS John Rodgers, retired in 2001.

This model kit is designed for Fletchers with the Bath Iron Works-type square bridge having an "A/T" door to the captain's sea cabin aft on the starboard side, and NO door on the aft bulkhead.  Consult your resources to be sure which type you need.


  • accurately scaled from Bath Iron Works builder's plans
  • open, exterior 5'-6" "A/T" door locations per Bath drawings and photos of actual Fletchers 
  • open, interior "M/J" door frames 
  • interior bulkheads with accurately positioned structural framing for the pilot house forward, the starboard side light locker and the cabin's sea cabin
  • interior radio, compass and electrical component replicas positioned on bulkheads as found on the museum ship USS Kidd DD-661
  • scale, open, exterior 16" diameter airports (portholes) in proper locations
  • scale, open, interior 10" diameter airport (porthole) on bulkhead between the Pilot House and the Fire Control Station
  • integrated Mk.37 Director tower (Mk.37 available separately)
  • exterior airport (porthole) wiper motor locations per Bath Iron Works drawings
  • mast support frame
  • ship's bell suspended from mast frame
  • integrated loudspeaker (aka "reproducer")
  • standard antenna lead-in insulators in proper locations
  • doors not included (too thin to print).  Please use your favorite PE doors


This 3D-printed model is designed to match the overall dimensions of features of the real ship as recorded in official Navy blueprints.  It is not a copy of any injection molded plastic or resin kits' parts and therefore may be differently shaped and sized.  Some adjustment to your kit, or other aftermarket products such as photoetch, may be necessary for best fit.

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1/301 Fletcher class "Square-bridge" Pilot House, Bath Iron Works-type

SKU: 301-FletcherBath

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