Scale: 1/301

Set includes 2 directors.


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This set of models represents the US Navy's Mark 37 "square-back" Fire Control Director as configured to carry Mk.12/Mk.22 radar antennas.  This director featured two small boxy extensions on the rear of the director to accommodate radar equipment.  This Mk.37 director configuration appeared on ships built from about late 1941 through 1944.


The US Navy Mark 37 Director was used to control the fire of the 5”/38 caliber dual purpose batteries against both aircraft and surface targets, to direct the fire of starshells for the illumination of surface targets and to position the searchlights.

Mk.37 "Square-Back" director for Mk.12/22 radar (this set of models): these directors feature two extension boxes added to the back to house the electronics of the Mk.12 and Mk.22 radars. As an aside, the Mk 12 radar was available and installed without the Mk 22 radar on a few destroyers in mid-1944. Most of those destroyers had the Mk 22 installed before going to the war zone during post-shakedown availabilities.


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1/301 Fletcher class Mk.37 Directors with Commander's Cockpit

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