Scale: 1/325

Set includes 2 directors.


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The US Navy-designed Mark 37 Director was used to control the fire of the 5”/38 caliber dual purpose batteries against both aircraft and surface targets, to direct the fire of starshells for the illumination of surface targets and to position the searchlights.  These directors were commonly installed to many classes of US Navy, US Coast Guard, and Royal Navy ships, including the 1943-ordered Battle class destroyers (24 ships) and the Royal Navy's last battleship, HMS VanguardPlease consult your references to know if this director is appropriate to the specific ship you are modeling.

Unlike the early "square-back", the late "Square-back" Mk.37 directors featured a shielded, open director captain position (also known as a "Control Officer's Cockpit").   Ships with Mk.37 directors in Royal Navy service were fit with UK-designed centimetric Radar Type 275 giving those ships true "blind-fire" capability.

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1/325 Battle class Destroyer Mk.37 Fire Control Directors with Type 275 Radars

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