Scale: 1/350

Set includes 18 mounts (turrets).  Barrels are not included.

This set of accurately shaped and highly detailed models represents the eighteen 5"/54 caliber Mk.16 mounts carried by USS Midway CVB-41, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42 and USS Coral Sea CVB-43 as built. By 1948, the number of mounts had been reduced to 14.


  • accurately scaled and dimensioned from official US Navy drawings appearing in Ordnance Pamphlet 1112 dated March, 1945
  • hexagonal boltheads, properly sized, numbered and located
  • slot for barrel
  • solid blast hood for gun mount captain with subtle exterior framing
  • mount bottom post to aid in alignment
  • set contains 9 left-handed mounts and 9 right-handed mounts (the difference is the location of the blast hood  - see photos in the carousel above which are marked to show where mounts of each type should be located on your model)
  • all mounts marked either "L" or "R" inside the mount to indicate whether the mount is left-handed or right-handed


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1/350 Midway class 5"/54 cal. Mk.16 Mounts

SKU: 350-5in54-Midway-18

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