Scale: 1/350

Set includes 2 fighting tops (also known as "spotting tops").

Recommended for (among many):

  • Blue Water Navy 1/350 scale USS Lexington CV-2 (1942)
  • Blue Water Navy 1/350 scale USS Northampton CA-26 (August 1941)
  • Blue Water Navy 1/350 scale USS Louisville CA-28 (1942)
  • Blue Water Navy 1/350 scale USS Houston CA-30 
  • Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale USS Salt Lake City CA-25 (1944) - backdated to pre-war appearance
  • Trumpeter 1/350 scale USS Lexington CV-2 (1942)
  • Trumpeter 1/350 scale USS Saratoga CV-3 (1936-1940)
  • Yankee Modelworks 1/350 scale USS Louisville CA-28 (1942)
  • and more!

These models represent the fighting tops of Lexington class aircraft carriers, Pensacola class heavy cruisers and Northampton class heavy cruisers.  On the real ships, the 8" main battery turrets were directed from these positions.  The models feature open windows and are attractive replacements for inaccurately shaped kit parts or kit parts with solid windows.

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1/350 Fighting Tops for Pre-war Carriers and Cruisers

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