Scale: 1/350

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These models represent the two forward-most protected fighting positions for quadruple 2 cm/L65 (20mm/65 caliber) cannon mounts. One, the larger tub, was located atop Turret Bruno.  The other, slightly smaller in diamter, was positioned just aft of Turret Bruno on the superstructure roof.  The models' overall dimensions were scaled from scans of original shipyard drawings in the possession of the Bundesarchiv.

See scan of shipyard plans in the photo carousel for positioning.


This model was designed from official drawings of the real ship.  It is NOT a 3D-printed copy of any plastic or resin kits' parts therefore they may be sized and shaped differently than the parts in your plastic kit.  Some adjustment to your kit's parts or other aftermarket sets such as photo etch may be needed for best fit.

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  • A set of four 38 cm (15.9 inch) turrets, integrated barrels and blast bags

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1/350 Tirpitz Forward Flak Tubs

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