Scale: 1/350

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This accurate and highly detailed model represents the island of USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31 as it appeared from November, 1944 through December, 1945.  It was in this configuration during end-of-war aerial attacks on the Japanese mainland. 

This design is intended as a direct replacement for the Trumpeter kits' island which has inaccurate deck shapes, splinter shielding and detailing for USS Bon Homme Richard as she appeared in 1945.  This 3D-printed model includes integrated venturis (wind deflectors) on splinter shielding forward of the flag bridge, navigating bridge and air defense deck.

This 3D-printed design captures features specific to USS Bon Homme Richard, differing from other 3D-printed Essex class aircraft carrier island designs available separately.


  • fully assembled
  • scaled dimensions match official US Navy Booklet of General Plans drawings for USS Antietam CV-36, as well as scaled drawings by John Roberts appearing in "Anatomy of the Ship: The Aircraft Carrier Intrepid", with details adjusted to match photos of the ship
  • splinter shielding and deck shape for the flag bridge and navigating bridge are accurate to USS Bon Homme Richard for 1945
  • accurately shaped, detailed and positioned doors of three different types with chevron-shaped rain deflector detail (most doors are positioned open)
  • accurately sized and positioned open portholes, of two different sizes, with rigol ("eyebrow") details
  • accurately shaped decks and catwalks
  • deck supporting structure details accurately positioned as confirmed by photos of the real ships
  • open battle lookouts
  • accurately raised funnel cap exhausts
  • accurately curved funnel caps grilles
  • open funnel uptakes completely through the island, with correct bend in rear uptake
  • open flag lockers
  • accurate exterior cabling detail
  • Bofors tubs spent shell casing chutes
  • formation lights on searchlight platform splinter shield
  • primary flight control station "PriFly" splinter shield detailing
  • funnel access scuttle
  • exterior steam pipes for ship's whistles
  • integrated venturi (wind deflectors) on splinter shields around the pilot house, flag bridge and air defense station
  • antenna connector boxes with integrated insulator detail (starboard)
  • subtle, raised locator discs on decks and platforms to aid in the placement of 40mm Bofors mounts, 20mm Oerlikon guns and searchlights (Bofors, Oerlikons and searchlights are not included)
  • integrated tripod mast with ship's bell

This model is scaled to represent the features of the actual ship based on the best, authoritative references available.  It is NOT a 3D-printed copy of any metal, plastic or resin kit's parts therefore it may be sized and shaped differently than the parts in your plastic or resin kit.  Some adjustment to your kit's parts or other aftermarket sets such as photo etch or wood decks may be needed for best fit.


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1/350 USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31 Island, November, 1944 - December, 1945


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