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Scale: 1/350

Designed specifically to fit:

  • Blue Water Navy 1/350 scale USS West Virginia BB-48  (1941)
  • Yankee Modelworks 1/350 scale USS West Virginia BB-48  (1941)


This model represents the superstructure of the battleship USS West Virginia BB-48 as it appeared circa 1939-1940 prior to the addition of gun tubs on the "emergency platform" level below the bridge, 01 level deck extensions, and extensive splinter shielding.  It is designed specifically for the Blue Water Navy and Yankee Modelworks kits, offering the modeler a superstructure that benefits from the latest research and best references.  Its shape is much more accurate and it is better detailed.

Note: this product is designed specifically to fit the Blue Water Navy/Yankee Modelworks resin USS West Virginia kits, which are slightly smaller than scale.  A set of turrets precisely scaled to fit this 3D-printed superstructure and the Blue Water Navy/Yankee Modelworks resin kits is available separately (click here).


  • dimensions scaled directly from official US Navy Booklet of General Plans (BoGP) drawings for USS West Virginia BB-48, revised 30 November 1939, adjusted to fit the Blue Water Navy and Yankee Modelworks 1/350 scale kit (lowest level slightly narrowed)
  • details and deck shapes benefit from study of high-resolution photos of USS West Virginia released by the US Navy in 2016
  • fully planked boat deck with recessed grooves (boats not included)
  • deck-edge waterway in proper locations
  • open casemate 5"/51 gun positions (5"/51 casemate guns not included)
  • interior bulkheads properly located and shaped, visible through the casemate gun openings
  • communications room located at the base of the forward cage mast, missing from the BWN kit (cage masts not included)
  • superstructure platforms (deckhouses supporting the bridge) shaped to better match BoGP drawings
  • subtle, raised locator tabs to aid in part alignment during assembly (tabs will be hidden within deckhouses once assembled)
  • raised locator discs perfectly sized to received a set of two Model Monkey-designed Mk.19 Directors available separately (click here)
  • open armored conning tower view slits, accurately sized and positioned
  • open portholes, bridge windows and armored conning tower viewports
  • portholes accurately sized and properly located, positioned at the correct height
  • splinter shielding around the armored conning tower accurately and correctly slopes downward toward the front ( the deck itself, however, is accurately flat)
  • heavy under-deck supports
  • .50 caliber machinegun platforms with splinter shielding below the pilot house, forward of the vent ducts
  • detailed doors with dogs, rub-plates and condition "Z" placards, correctly positioned
  • accurately shaped, sized and detailed 5" ready service ammunition lockers properly positioned
  • fresh water gravity tanks properly sized and located (missing from the BWN kit)
  • accurately sized and shaped "mushroom" vents, of the correct height
  • accurately shaped, sized, and detailed boat deck skylights properly positioned
  • accurately positioned openings for funnel "smoke pipes" and boat cranes (funnels and cranes not included)
  • accurately sized, shaped and positioned deck openings for ladders to the main deck below (ladders not included)
  • integrated barbette for 16" twin turret #2.  Interior diameter is 25.4mm, slightly larger than the casting plug of the kits' turrets, allowing the turret to rotate freely (turret not included)

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1/350 USS West Virginia BB-48 Superstructure, 1939

SKU: 350-BB48-1939

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