Scale: 1/400

Set includes 3 mounts (turrets).  No barrels.


These three models represent the US Navy's 5 inch, 38 caliber single mount.  This "Lightweight", or "Single Knuckle" version, was normally placed in locations where additional turret roof reinforcement was not required.  Fletcher class destroyers, when built, carried three of these mounts, all located on top of deckhouses known as Mounts 52, 53 and 54.  

To complete a Fletcher class destroyer model, you also need the two "Double Knuckle" mounts located on the main deck (Mounts 51 and 55).  Main deck "Double Knuckle" mounts of a slightly different shape are available separately.


  •  an asymmetrical gunhouse (turret)
  •  slot for accurately offset gun barrel (barrels not included)
  •  detailed turret bottom supporting structure
  •  rear vent

This mount is suitable for scale model ships and classes:

  • Bagley
  • Benham
  • Benson
  • Buckley
  • Butler
  • Currituck
  • Dunlap
  • Fletcher 
  • Garcia
  • German destroyer class 119
  • Gridley
  • Hamilton
  • Secretary
  • Sims
  • USS Idaho BB-42
  • USS Long Beach CGN-9
  • Wind class Coast Guard cutters
  • and more!


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1/400 Fletcher, Sims, Benson, Gleaves class 5"/38 cal. "Single Knuckle" Mounts

SKU: 400-5in38 single-knuckle-3