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Scale: 1/426  (1/429 true scale to precisely match the Revell USS Arizona kit's true scale).

This two-part model kit represents the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.


  • overall dimensions scaled from official US Navy Facilities Engineering Command "as-built" blueprints dated August, 1977, modified to represent the Memorial as it presently appears
  • accurate, characteristic "sag"
  • accurately shaped, dissimilar, stylized shrine windows
  • raised "U.S.S. ARIZONA MEMORIAL" lettering above the entrance
  • boat ramp support ledge
  • separate, detailed interior with accurate walls and flat and sloped floor panels
  • accurate structural framing
  • memorial plaque pedestal midway on the bridge, facing the ship's aft
  • kneelers accurately shaped and located before the shrine
  • two memorial markers accurately located on the second shrine kneeler for the names of survivors whose remains have been interred with their shipmates
  • parts designed to permit interior painting and further detailing
  • walls designed intentionally thicker than scale to provide strength to the model

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1/426 USS Arizona Memorial