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Scale: 1/535

Set includes 4 directors.

Recommended for classic Revell and Monogram kits:

  • Monogram 1/545 scale USS Wisconsin BB-64
  • Revell 1/535 scale USS Missouri BB-63
  • Revell 1/535 scale USS Wisconsin BB-64


For USS Iowa BB-61 and USS New Jersey BB-62, choose "angle-back" Mk.37 directors, which have a different shape.

The US Navy Mark 37 Director was used to control the fire of the 5”/38 caliber dual purpose batteries against both aircraft and surface targets, to direct the fire of starshells for the illumination of surface targets and to position the searchlights.  This Mk.37 director configuration appeared on ships built early-mid World War Two, up through 1944.

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Mk.37 directors were commonly installed on many classes of US Navy and US Coast Guard ships during World War II through the Cold War.  This early "square-back" Mk.37 director featured five observation hatches and three telescope port covers.   Succeeding the earlier "angle-back" Mk.37 directors, many of these early "square-back" Mk.37 directors were modified to a later "square-back" configuration that had a shielded position for the director captain.  During the Cold War, the directors were enlarged, receiving a very boxy-shaped housing.

Mk.37 Directors are known to have been carried by the following ships and classes but check your sources to know for sure which director type you need for your project:

  • USS Enterprise (CV-6)
  • USS Pennsylvania (rebuilt)
  • USS Maryland (rebuilt)
  • USS Nevada (rebuilt)
  • USS California (rebuilt)
  • USS Tennessee (rebuilt)
  • USS West Virginia (rebuilt)
  • Alaska class
  • Atlanta class
  • Baltimore class
  • Benson class
  • Buckley class
  • Butler class
  • Cleveland class
  • Essex class
  • Fletcher class
  • Garcia class
  • Gearing class
  • Gleaves class
  • Iowa class
  • Montana class
  • North Carolina class had "angle-backs" available separately
  • Sims class
  • South Dakota class
  • Sumner class
  • many others as well as various auxiliaries

1/535 Mk.37 Directors, Early "Square-back"

SKU: 535-Mk37-early