Scale: 1/64   (3/16 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 2 cannons.  Carriages not included.


This set of models represents the Royal Navy, Blomefield 1790, medium-pattern (8.5 feet long), 12-pounder cannon weighing 1.8 tons (1613 kg). 


HMS Victory carried three different types of 12-pounder cannon at Trafalgar.*  She was equipped with:

  • 12 short-pattern (7.5 feet long) 12-pounder cannons on the quarter deck
  • 2 medium-pattern (8.5 feet long) 12-pounder cannons on the forecastle (this pair of models)
  • 30 long-pattern (9 feet long) 12-pounder cannons on the upper gun deck


All three types of 12-pounder cannon are available separately.  All types feature a raised King George monogram.

Although there were minor variations among real cannons, these models' scaled dimensions and details match dimensions from tables published in "British Smooth-bore Artillery: a Technological Study to Support Identification, Acquisition, Restoration, Reproduction, and Interpretation of Artillery at National Historic Parks in Canada" by David McConnell.  Their details were matched to those of surviving cannon.

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* "The 100-gun ship Victory" by John McKay, page 96, drawings F1, F2 and F3.

1/64 Royal Navy 12-pounder Cannons, Blomefield 1790 medium-pattern

SKU: 64-cannons 12# medium RN-2