Scale: 1/700

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This 3-part set of models represents the midships quadruple Bofors tubs and deck house fit to late-war Fletchers as part of modifications to increase the ships' anti-aircraft (AA) capability.  

The deck house was positioned between the funnels, replacing the forward quintuple torpedo mount.  Two Mk.51 directors (not included) were normally located on the deck house upper platform.  When fitting your new deck house to your Fletcher model, position the deck house so that the door faces aft.

Two enlarged and re-positioned fighting positions for quadruple 40mm Bofors cannon mounts, called "tubs", were also fit to many Fletcher class destroyers from late World War Two.  These tubs were moved slight forward of the aft funnel to increase their field of fire.  They included cabinets for additional ready-use 40mm ammuntion.  The portion of the deck that extends outwards from the central deckhouse below is included with the tubs as an aid to position the parts and to provide strength to the splinter shields. 

Quadruple Bofors cannon mounts are NOT included.

These models are designed from official US Navy drawings to represent the real shape and size of the tubs and the compartments below them.  They are not scaled to precisely fit any specific plastic or resin kit.  Depending on which plastic or resin kit you own, some adjustment to your plastic or resin kit's parts, other aftermarket parts such as photo-etch or resin mounts, or these 3D-printed tubs, may be necessary for best fit.

Special thanks to noted naval historian Rick E. Davis who provided advice and references during the development of this product.

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1/700 Fletcher class Anti-Kamikaze Modifications, 1945

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