Scale: 1/700

Set includes 4 turrets with barrels.

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This highly detailed and accurately sized and shape set of turrets represents the four turrets of British battlecruiser HMS Hood. as they appeared after modifications were made to the ends of the armored rangefinder hoods.  Most HMS Hood model kits have the as-built rangefinder hood design which is inaccurate for May, 1941, when she was lost to German battleship Bismarck.

These model turrets are based on plans of the actual ship.  They are NOT 3D-printed copies of any plastic or resin kit's parts and therefore are shaped and sized differently.  Some adjustment to your plastic kit's parts or other aftermarket products such as photoetch may be necessary for best fit.  


  • overall dimensions and shapes match drawings by John Roberts based on official Admiralty plans in the possession of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, with details adjusted to match photos
  • armored rangefinder hood caps are of the latter, modified design, accurate for May, 1941 (most plastic model kits have the as-built caps, not accurate for 1941)
  • each turret has unique details just like the real turrets
    • ​"A" Turret's armored rangefinder hood has chamfered outer, rear corners
    • "B" Turret has vents and chamfered rear corners
    • "X" Turret has vents
    • "Y" Turret has no vents and no chamfers
  • turrets are individually marked "A", "B", "X" or "Y" on the inside of the turret
  • hex-head bolt detail, properly sized, numbered and located after careful study of plans and photos of the actual ship
  • interior supports for gun barrels

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1/700 HMS Hood 15" Turrets

SKU: 700-Hood-Turrets-4

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