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Scale: 1/48

Includes 2 barrels, enough for 1 turret.  Turret is available separately.


This model represents the twin barrels fit within a 14 inch/45 caliber gun turret of New York class battleships USS New York BB-34 and USS Texas BB-35.


  • scaled from actual builders blueprints of the turret, dated 1914, and US Navy Bureau of Ordnance pamphlet O.P. 1112, 2nd Revision, dated January, 1945
  • measurements and location of features confirmed from wartime and present-day photos of USS Texas BB-35, preserved as a museum ship

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1/72 USS New York BB-34 and USS Texas BB-35 Barrels

SKU: 48-BB34 and BB35 14"/45 Barrels-2

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