Scale: 1/720

Set includes 60 life raft canisters.


This set represents standard, modern 65" x 35" life raft canisters fit to large, modern US Navy warships such as aircraft carriers of the Kitty Hawk class (USS Kitty Hawk CVA-63 and USS Constellation CVA-64) as well as USS Enterprise CVN-65, USS John F. Kennedy CVA-67, ships of the Nimitz class, and Wasp, Iwo Jima and Tarawa class amphibious assault ships. 

A set of smaller canisters (56" x 27") for cruisers, destroyers, fast frigates, etc., is available separately.

Notice: these life raft canisters are very, very small.  This product is recommended for modelers with experience in handling very small parts and cutting very small parts from a sprue.

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1/720 Life Raft Canisters for Aircraft Carriers, LHDs, etc., 65" x 35"

SKU: 720-canisters-CVNs