Notice: this model is only available in gray resin.  Black resin has been discontinued.


Scale: 1/76


Recommended for:

  • Model Shipways 1/76 scale U.S.S. Constitution 1797
  • Model Shipways 1/76 scale U.S.S. Essex 1799
  • Model Shipways 1/76 scale Baltimore Clipper Dapper Tom
  • and more!


This model represents a typical "Brodie" galley stove fit to many ships in Royal Navy and US Navy service such as HMS Victory, HMS Bellona, HMS Vanguard, HMS Diana, HMS Bounty, USS Constitution, USS United States, etc.  Overall dimensions match scaled drawings found in "Anatomy of the Ship: The Frigate Diana" by David White.  Details match photos of the galley aboard HMS Victory.


Before ordering, please check these dimensions against your model ship to ensure a good fit:

  • Length:  27.97 mm (1.1 inches)
  • Width:  24.11 mm  (0.95 inches)
  • Height:  24.81 mm  (0.98 inches)

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1/76 "Brodie" Galley Stove for 19th Century Ships

SKU: 76-Brodie Galley Stove

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