Scale: 1/900

Each 3D-printed Essex class island design is unique.

Recommended island to build a Korean War-era USS Ticonderoga CV-14 from any World War Two-era straight-deck 1/700 scale Essex class aircraft carrier kit.  This model represents the SCB-27 modernized island of Essex class aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga CV-14 as it appeared circa 1953-1954.  With minor modifications, it can be adapted to represent other Korean War-era straight-deck Essex class carriers.


  • fully assembled
  • open bridge and PriFly windows with delicate framing
  • details consistent with photos of the actual ship
  • decks properly offset to port, they should NOT be centered on the island
  • properly shaped decks and deck features
  • accurately shaped SPN-8 radar platform and dome aft of the island
  • battle lookout details
  • flag lockers and splinter shielding shape specific to Ticonderoga
  • deck supporting structure details accurately positioned as confirmed by photos of the real ship
  • delicate exterior piping detail and routing specific for Ticonderoga
  • porthole rigols ("eyebrows")
  • open doors, ready for your favorite photo-etch doors 
  • door overhead chevron-shaped rain deflectors
  • open funnel cap (grille not included), ready for your favorite photoetch set


These 3D-printed acrylic parts are designed to accurately represent features of the actual ship.  They are not 3D-printed copies of plastic kit parts.  Be advised that modernized SCB-27 islands were shorter at the aft end than they were during World War II. Some adjustment to your plastic kit's flight deck parts or other aftermarket parts such as photoetch or wood decks may be necessary for best fit.  To fit this acrylic island to your plastic kit's flight deck, please remove the raised locator strips on the plastic kit's flight deck part.  A simple cuticle cutter can cleanly and easily remove these raised locator features.

© Model Monkey LLC.  This 3D-printed product may not be copied or recast.

1/900 USS Ticonderoga CV-14 Island, 1953-1954 (Korean War)

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