Scale: 1/96    (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 2 barrels.

This model represents 6"/53 caliber cannons fit to the US Navy's Omaha class light cruisers:

  • USS Omaha CL-4
  • USS Milwaukee CL-5
  • USS Cincinnati CL-6
  • USS Raleigh CL-7
  • USS Detroit CL-8
  • USS Richmond CL-9
  • USS Concord CL-10
  • USS Trenton CL-11
  • USS Marblehead CL-12
  • USS Memphis CL-13


  • overall dimensions precisely scaled from US Navy O.P.1112 (2nd Rev.) "Gun Mount and Turret Catalog" drawings dated 15 January 1945
  • accurate gun barrel shape and muzzle detail
  • barrel open to precisely 6 scale inches (1.588 mm)
  • barrel integrated on a trunnion to allow you to position the gun to any realistic elevation from -10 degrees to +30 degress, just like the real weapon
  • trunnion diameter = 7.0 mm


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1/96 Omaha class Cruiser 6"/53 cal. Barrels for Casemate Mounts

SKU: 96-Omaha class casemate barrels-2

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